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Hail Tent

The Hail Tent is perfect for checking dents for multiple cars in no time. Perfect for professionals!

Hail Tent 1
Hail Tent 2
Hail Tent 3

Dent Mirror

The Dent Mirror is your perfect tool to identify every single dent in a car. You become the dent expert!

Patent No. 9,791,269 B2

Dent Mirror
For orders of more than 3 Dent Mirrors please make use of the order form
  • Order of 1 - 3 pieces 89.99
  • Order of 4 - 10 pieces 79.99
  • Order of 11 - 40 pieces 69.68
  • Order of 40+ pieces Call for price

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You can pay for up to three Dent Mirrors via Paypal or Credit Card. All prices are plus shipping and handling!

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You will receive 1 Dent Mirror
Pay 2 Dent Mirrors
You will receive 2 Dent Mirrors
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You will receive 3 Dent Mirrors
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